How To: Insert and wear contact lenses in six easy steps

Insert and wear contact lenses in six easy steps

Watch this video tutorial from to learn how to insert and wear contact lenses in six easy steps.

Before inserting the contact lenses in your eyes, make sure that you thoroughly clean your hands with warm water. Put the contact lenses on your hand and drench it thoroughly with your contact lens solution.

Step 1: Put the contact lens on your index finger.

Note: Check to see that your contact lenses are on its proper side. If the edges are protruding outward, then it's on the wrong side.

Step 2: Using your middle finger of your other hand, you can pull the lower eyelid down.

Step 3: You can then use your middle finger of the opposite hand to pull your eyelid up

Step 4: Place the contact lens in your eye, make sure not to blink

Step 5: Move the contact lens towards your eye calmly and steadily.

Note: After placing the contact lens on your eye, gently move it so it is centered over your iris (circular, colored part of eye).

Step 6: Blink your eye to adjust the lens.

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