How To: Prevent the onset of cataracts

Prevent the onset of cataracts

What is a cataract? A cataract is the clouding of that internal lens of the eye which is normally clear. That internal lens helps focus light as it comes through the pupil that when a lens starts becoming a little cloudy, patients sometimes complain that their vision seems a little foggy. There are certain risk behaviors that you can avoid to reduce the risk of getting cataracts. Get professional tips and advice on cataracts in this medical how-to video.

Take Action
Avoid smoking
Avoid excessive sunlight exposure
See your eye doctor if you are experiencing cataract symptoms

About this Author
Dr. Patel grew up in Texas and studied at the University of Texas at Arlington. In 1996, he graduated as a member of the Gold Key International Optometric Honor Society with a doctor of optometry degree from the University of Houston. Dr. Patel completed a residency in Hospital Based and Geriatric Eye Care at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. During his residency, Dr. Patel served as a clinical instructor to interns from Pacific University and the New England College of Optometry. Dr. Patel has provided hours of clinical procedures workshops for both the Oregon and Alberta, Canada Optometric Associations. He has volunteered his skills on an eye care team in Thailand, and the Special Olympics programs in Oregon. Dr. Patel also serves as a clinical examiner for the National Boards in Optometry, as a consultant to the Portland VA Medical Center, and Adjunct Faculty for the Pacific University College of Optometry.

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