How To: Repair your eyeglasses

Repair your eyeglasses

Try these simple fixes to salvage your specs. Learn how to fix your eyeglasses with this helpful guide.

You Will Need
* Duct tape
* Needle-nose pliers
* An eyeglass repair kit
* Superglue
* A wooden toothpick
* A paper towel
* A miniature safety pin
* All-purpose glue
* A metal staple
* A wire coat hanger
* A magnifying glass
* Clear nail polish

Step 1: Identify the problem
Holding your glasses by the nosepiece, closely examine them to determine what needs repair. Use a magnifying glass for assistance.

Step 2: Adjust overstretched hinge
For an overstretched hinge, cover the tips of needle-nose pliers with duct tape to avoid any lens scratching. Then, use them to gently bend the hinge back into place.

Step 3: Glue broken hinge
If a hinge has broken off, dab a small amount of superglue to the end of a toothpick and apply the glue to both the hinge and frame. Firmly hold it in place for 1 minute. Wipe away any excess glue with a paper towel. The earpiece should bend normally.

Step 4: Replace missing screws
Replace screws that have fallen out with ones from the repair kit. You can also fasten a miniature safety pin through the hole, or slip in a metal staple coated in all-purpose glue, bending the ends with pliers to fit around the hinge. If you use a staple, you won't be able to fold your glasses.

Step 5: Fix an earpiece
If you've snapped off an earpiece, reattach it with superglue.

Step 6: Make an emergency earpiece
If you're in a real bind, build a temporary earpiece. Using pliers, cut a section of the wire hanger to the same length of the original earpiece. Curve one end of the wire to fit your ear, and glue the other end to the frame. Secure the earpiece to the frames by wrapping a strip of duct tape around them.

Step 7: Take them in
While you can make simple, temporary repairs yourself, multiple fractures, warped springs or screw holes, or lenses with deep scratches requi

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Bravo! With the very extensive list of possible problems and repairs I'd assume a lifelong eyerglass wearer. As a kid I destroyed many newer sets of glasses, but wasn't smart enough to compile this list of repair options. If your ever in San Jose, I'm buying you a beer or two. darylleckt says "THANKS"

darylleckt says "I'm so dumb....see above"

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